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October 11, 2020

Don’t send πŸ† pics



Don’t spend too much time texting with someone

My tip for today is to not spend too much time texting with someone. Try to get out and meet them in person. I find that sometimes we have this build up and then when we meet in person the energy and chemistry is just not there. Sometimes we talk for weeks, and sometimes we say things and then we meet and are like OMG!! #wtfmoments  

September 25, 2020

Keep it Simple


not ready tindertip picture


If a guy SAYS he just ended his 20 year marriage 2 months ago…RUN! This guy is not looking for a relationship.He may think he is ready….which I wrote about in my book “Stay Single and Be Happy” Chapter 8 “When love ends”However he is NOT. So don’t waste your time, and swipe left, delete, and move on.  

Tinder Tips sunglass

First Tinder tip

Here is your Tinder tip for today.If his profile has pictures of him wearing his sunglasses 😎😎 and NO other pictures. Do not, I repeat do not meet with this guy. You MUST see a picture with his actual face. Why?This happened to me…..It was not pretty.